How many times we can use multani mitti in a week?

How many times we can use multani mitti in a week?

You should apply multani mitti only thrice a week. You don’t have to apply it multiple times on a single day. We use it so that it can remove the excess oil from our face. By applying it multiple times on a single day you might end up losing the natural oil of your skin as well. So, in order to maintain healthy skin, it’s good to use these things in a proper manner. Remember, excess of anything can be bad. So, apply the paste thrice a week and also use oil free products and always stay hydrated so that your skin doesn’t produce any excessive oil.

To be frank i too have a very oily and sensitive skin and due to the sebum i also have whiteheads issue. So it was really very difficult for me to keep my skin healthy and free from acne.

But I’ve tried my hands on some of the products and remedies that i can share with you through my experience.


This is actually the best face wash I’ve ever tried for my acne and dark spots. You can use this if you have an oily skin not too much tough and also for your acne. It’ll give you really good results within 2 months of daily usage (twice a day)


Mix some multani mitti with little turmeric powder and aloe vera gel. To make a paste use rose water rather than normal water. Use this pack thrice a week.


Drink a lot of water and most preferable room temperature water. I was really bad at this but trust me since I’ve started drinking adequate amount of water, I’ve felt my skin really hydrated and fresh with less oil.


Take some rice and grind it into powder than mix a little bit of honey and water, apply it on your face untill it dries. Wash your face with cold water. If you have dull and acne spots prone skin, then try this everyday.


Using this is actually your choice as I’ve started using it for my whiteheads. This face wash has 2% salicylic acid that’s great for treating whiteheads. But i do apply some aloe vera gelafter using it because it some times drys out skin.

Hope this helps you

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